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    Unsere Kinder school Shines at UPS Peshawar Literary Festival 2024! 🌟✨

    🌟 Experience the magic of our Unsere Kinderschool stars at UPS, Peshawar! 🌟 On February 23rd, 2024, they delighted in the Literary Festival, engaging with activities, savoring snacks, and showcasing their talents through dua recitations and captivating tableaus. 🌟 Their exemplary participation earned them well-deserved certificates from the principal, fostering confidence, interaction, and a deep […]

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    1st Parent Teacher Meeting 2024

    ✨Our first Parent-Teacher Meeting of 2024 was a success! 🌟 Building bridges between home and school for our little Einsteins at Unsere Kinder School. 🏫💡 🌟 Our ]Parent-Teacher Meeting (2024) at Unsere Kinderschool Peshawar strengthened communication, set goals, and ensure the best support for your child’s education. Together, we pave the path to success

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    Karate Time
  • IMG_1987
    Circle Time
  • IMG_1474
    English Class
  • IMG_0568
    Presentation on Habitat
  • IMG_1507
    Activity Time
  • IMG_0945
    Activity Water Animals
  • IMG_1070
    Its Painting Time
  • IMG_1410
    World Senses Day
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