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It’s All About The Kids

Your child’s education is incredibly precious which is why we want to talk to you about what sets us apart. Our greatest strength is providing our children with core values of not just becoming great students but great human beings and the part we can play in making our child’s education the very best it can be.

Unsere Kinder Preschool Team

People who made it possible in Pakistan!

Muddassir Khan

Owner Unsere Kinder Preschool

Muddassir’s experience as business development on Global level and his passion for education as tool to create leaders in the global societies has helped develop detail plans for impacting different parts of the Globe.


Aminah Saeed


German International School System Team

GIS System is result of idealists who want to transform the teaching and school franchise model for the better

Karl-Heinz Kudlik

Haupt Educationist Advisor

Karl has a wealth of experience in education sector in Germany. His career spans across 30 years including various teaching roles in multiple schools around Nürnberg metropole region. GIS System focuses on the challenges Karl identified and tried to solve in his academic career.


Lars Wegener

Strategy Advisor

Lars has made his presence felt in all the roles he had in his career, be it sales or marketing or team management. He brings invaluable experience from his past roles career that has shaped the commercial and marketing strategy for GIS System and Unser Kinder.


Florain Krügl

Design Advisor

Florian is an expert in designing cloud based solution. Florian’s experience in IP based solution was extensively applied in designing the optimal solution.



  • Everything about the school, whether it's the decor of the entire school or the curriculum, or the way of handling kids are according to the mental development of children in the early stages which are the most important and Unsere has it all.
- Mahad Shah
  • This is the best Pre school I have ever seen.. 👍🏻
- Muhammad Hamayun Khan
  • I love the atmosphere designed for preschool children at Unsere kinder, it is so up to date for children's mental & physical health that I decided to send my son there too. I'm pretty sure Unsere kinder is the only preschool facility we have in Peshawar that a child needs for early development. From clean environment, to a lovely library with such cute informative books, to a gym, musical instruments, Legos & blocks, great staff. Excellent work Muddassir. highly recommended!
-Ziyad Shoaib 


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