• IMG_2690
    Trip to Forest Museum

    Exploring the exhibits, learning about different species of plants and animals. The images capture the wonder and excitement of discovering nature and the importance of environmental education,

  • IMG_3272
    Healthy Eating Habits

    The album features young children about healthy eating habits. The album show them exploring different fruits and vegetables, creating balance meal art and enjoying sorting them out. The album captures the importance of starting good habits early on in life!

  • IMG-20230218-WA0044
    Science Fair

    “Experience the captivating world of science at our incredible science fair! Our students showcased their innovative ideas with erupting volcanoes, working robots, and more. Their passion, creativity, and hard work were evident in every corner of the fair, inspiring the next generation of scientists and innovators. Come and discover the magic of science, one experiment […]

  • IMG_1716
    Karate Time
  • IMG_1987
    Circle Time
  • IMG_1474
    English Class
  • IMG_0568
    Presentation on Habitat
  • IMG_1507
    Activity Time
  • IMG_0945
    Activity Water Animals
  • IMG_1070
    Its Painting Time
  • IMG_1410
    World Senses Day
  • IMG_0904
    Life Cycle of Plants
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