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Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To bring you the best possible learning system, all thoughtfully designed to help you in best upbringing of your child's.

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Implementation of GIS System

Unsere Kinder School is the realization of GIS System in full sense. It combines the values of premium education with latest innovation in technplogy to deliver the best of the breed curriculums to Children from Age 2 onwards.

Highly Competent Staff

GIS System provides all the necessary tools for all employees to work in an optimal environment and produce best results in their respective job. Unsere Kinder believes in high standards and hires only the best.

Young Leaders

The main goal of Unsere Kinder is to produce high quality leaders for tomorrow and that is only achievable via talented staff and high engaged parents. All of this is possible via the core values of Unsere Kinder and GIS System technology.

Engaged Parents

We want our children to reach their full potential, which is why we have introduced the Unsere Kinder Parent App to encourage parents by providing opportunities to engage with their child’s schooling and develop a better understanding of engagement strategies and their child’s learning needs.

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  • IMG_20231027_102547_511-01
    Party Time!

    Students of classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 celebrated the end of exam week with a party. The students bought their favourite food to share with the class and enjoyed a fun time without the stress of exams.

  • IMG_20231026_110601_799-01
    Kinder Club

    Playgroup students were enjoying at the Kinder Club.

  • IMG_20231026_102152_970-01
    Computer Classes

    Students use computers to learn how to send emails.

  • IMG_20231026_101955_378-01
    Art Assessments

    26/10/2023 Students were excited to complete their art assessment.

  • IMG_20231024_101656_671-01
    Making Paper Boats

    24th October, 2023 Students from nursery class learned how to make paper boats. They even got to see if their boats would float on water. The students had a fun time listening and learning!

  • IMG_1716
    Karate Time
  • IMG_1987
    Circle Time
  • IMG_1474
    English Class
  • IMG_0568
    Presentation on Habitat
  • IMG_1507
    Activity Time
  • IMG_0945
    Activity Water Animals
  • IMG_1070
    Its Painting Time
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