• IMG_9402
    Magnets to cure boredom!

    Fun indoor Science activities to keep your child engaged!

  • IMG_8020
    Mix-and-Match Shapes!

    After being introduced to the basic shapes, the children were asked to match two similar shapes from a pile of different shapes! They also had a ‘colour the odd shape out’ activity!

  • fbIMG_8524
    Craft-stick activity!

    We are learning about clocks!

  • fbIMG_7401
    School Trip: Mr. COD!

    We had an absolutely mouth-watering visit to Mr. COD kitchens! 

  • 37425775_1917537534970680_3582694356332576768_n
    Our Premises

    Unsere Kinder Preschool environment.

  • 48419204_2128492253875206_5049583777072807936_n
    The Library

    Lets visit Unsere Kinder Library.

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